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Disclaimer: The IISA Association will not engage in any financial proceedings. Members are encouraged to seek assistance from legal advisors, attorneys, CPAs, or other sources to verify and invest. The investment and project information available on the website is gathered from data available on the corporation’s website and is for guidance purposes only. Investors should consult company representatives before making any investment or other decisions. Management reserves the right to accept or cancel registration if it violates our policies or may harm the Association's interests. Investment programs, presentations, and confidential information should not be shared; non-compliance may result in disciplinary action. All projects and opportunities will be offered to members based on their level of interest. All opportunities will be shared based on priority and details as provided in the membership form and served on a first-come, first-served basis. The Association may contact members via email, phone calls, text, Whatsup App messages, and other digital platforms. The IISA is not responsible for any loss or damages to investors, so each individual is solely responsible for their own decisions. Membership and other fees may increase or decrease.
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Access to the Real Estate Wall of Wealth
Access to the future projects of the Association
Realtor’s cash rebates on residential and commercial deals
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Access to the Real Estate Wall of Wealth
Exclusive Realtor’s cash rebates on residential and commercial deals
Be the first to access exclusive deals and investment opportunities
Get over 50% off on sessions and workshops
Access to the investment projects of the Association

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